Finn the Human

Finn the Human

On the long list of animation I enjoy, Adventure Time ranks pretty highly! That said, I am currently watching Bob’s Burgers and it’s definitely up there too. If you have some free time and feel like an animation binge, here are a few other suggestions I definitely would recommend:

  • Rick and Morty
  • Bojack Horseman
  • Archer

And if you’re after some more light humoured shows for all ages, these are also great:

  • Steven Universe
  • Regular Show

So yeah, cartoons are alright I guess…

15 thoughts on “Mathematical!

    • Thanks Laura, they really are great shows. I think my favourite thing about Adventure Time is that there is so much lore hidden away in it, but it’s not necessary to dig into it that side of things to still enjoy the show!

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  1. Adventure Time is the best! My daughter and i watch it together quite a bit. I only watched it for the first time about a year ago, tbh, at the insistence of a friend. But i was hooked immediately! It’s a brilliantly imaginative show, and uplifting and positive without being cheesy. Great for kids and adults alike. I agree with what you mentioned there in response to one of the other comments, too; all the lore hidden away in it. There’s quite a bit of folklore-y magicky stuff is woven into it. It’s wonderful.

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    • I find it’s just crazy enough to always keep you on your tows, but not too out there to be a turn off. I have a season or two to catch up on before I’m up to date, but with a few days off before work kicks off in the new year, I’m hoping to put a dent in that

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      • Yeah, it’s very imaginative. With so much bland stuff out there, it’s really great to have such an original and unique show that kids and adults alike can watch and enjoy. Well, happy Adventure Timing, then!

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  2. (it wont let me edit my previous comment)
    But I wanted to throw out there that I missed the special airing of the new episode of Rick and Morty and I am DEVASTATED!


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