What is MechanicalPen?

If you’re anything like me, trying to decide on which TV show to watch next or whether or not you should try a new music genre, feels like the whole fate of the world rests on your choice. It doesn’t, but it feels like it, and good god, never take me to an ice cream store… But that’s where this blog steps in.

MechanicalPen is a little pet project of mine where I’ll present my views on some of my current favourite albums, comics and games, in the hope that this will make future decision easier for the both of us to make. In addition to this, I’ll also be posting about some other life tips I’ve learnt through experience, covering topics such as how to save a bit of money on the side and interesting hobbies.

My biggest problem with decision making isn’t that the decisions are intrinsically difficult, it’s just that there is so much choice out there! This is why I hope to be able to narrow down some of the vast amount of media out there, giving you a great place to start investigating for yourself.

Finally, MechanicalPen will be the place where I will be uploading my weekly sketches (ah, the blog name all makes sense now!). Each week I set the task of looking up a random word and sketching how I interpret it. There are definitely some… interesting words out there, to say the least, so hopefully we both find the end results interesting.

So I hope you enjoy this little venture as much as I do! Feel free to leave feedback, and join me in the weekly sketching shenanigans too, I’d love to see how others take in the same topic but put their own unique spin on it.

– Sam Mulhern

***Have a project you need art for or just want to talk one on one, email me at: mechanicalpen.wordpress(at)gmail.com***


9 thoughts on “What is MechanicalPen?

  1. I know what you mean about making decisions – it’s not making the decision itself, it’s all the other options and possibilities you have to give up when you settle on one thing. And who likes giving up possibilities? 😄
    Thanks for stopping my blog. Love your art (and general neediness) too!


    • Exactly! There’s just so much greatness out there, it’s sometimes hard to even know where to begin. And if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s being generally nerdy 😛 Thanks for your kind words too, it was great coming across your blog too. Your artistry with both words and ink is incredible

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  2. Hi Sam, thanks for liking my cartoon at Procrastinator’s Day Off. I’m enjoying exploring your site and your cool artwork. I empathise entirely with your decision-making process, I too agonise over the slightest thing. You have no idea how long it took me to compose this reply. 🙂

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