The Best Music Reviewed Weekly!

Now reviewing albums weekly!

I was at work the other day and was wanting to listen to a particular song I’ve been liking. But for the life of me, I just couldn’t remember the name of the track or the artist.

I knew I had featured it as the “song of the week” here, but that’s when I realised I only keep the list of songs I’ve previously chosen at home, and don’t have the archive listed here.


I’ve now decided that each week, not only will I list what my current favourite song is over in the sidebar (sorry if you’re on mobile and can’t see that), but I will also dedicate my Tuesday/Wednesday post to reviewing the album or EP it has come from!

That way, you’ll be able to quickly scroll back and see a record (pun intended) of all the music I’ve been highlighting here.

So whilst I have a list of albums I’m already wanting to review, are there any favourites of yours that you want me to look up? Hit me up with them in the comments below!

Beautiful anniversary gift for her (That isn’t jewelry!)

As you may have noticed, I have been a bit quiet for the last couple of days. However, this was for a pretty important reason.

The end of this month marks another year of my girlfriend and I being together, after first meeting over 5 years ago. As I explained in a previous post, we try to always create a handmade present for each other when it comes to special occasions such as this (see my post here where I drew an A3 piece for her birthday).

For our anniversary, I decided to try something new and create her present by cutting pages out of a book that I bought from an op-shop, to form a semi-3D scene. I was partially inspired by the works of Isobelle Ouzman and really wanted to put my own personal touches on this interesting concept.

As I am studying electrical engineering at university, I decided to add just a simple touch of technology to the gift, to personalise the idea a little more. Embedded within the pages of the book, behind the scene, is simple LED circuit. When switched on, a warm orange glow emanates from the setting sun in the background.

And if you were wondering what Sarah gave to me as her present, she had the beautiful idea of making a “Date Ideas” jar. Each colour ice cream stick has a particular type of date idea written on it, so hopefully we won’t be so indecisive when it comes to thinking up things to do!

May the Gods Ever Be in your Favour! (Game Review)

As made clear from one of my previous posts (which you can read here), I am a glut for ridiculously challenging games. With the Steam Summer Sale occurring a couple of weeks ago, even though it’s currently the middle of winter here, I decided to cross one particular game off my “must play” list:

Gods Will Be Watching.

Available for: Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, GNU/Linux, Mac OS

Gods Will Be Watching

Time to start the pain.

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A Wild Graphic Novel Appeared!

Whilst on my uni break, I thought I would turn that procrastinating time into something a little more productive (however I have been watching an unreasonable amount of cartoons too).

This productivity has taken the form of plotting out a graphic novel on the most riveting action/romance/coming of age story ever imagined all based around: bird migration!


Slight re-work has taken place since this sketch, and it is now being called “Southward”.

Better pick up your socks, I know! But in all seriousness, I have been thoroughly researching bird migration and the struggles the Eurasian Dotterel faces year after year as it migrates from its Summer mating locations to winter nesting grounds, and thought it would translate nicely into a visual form.

Whilst I finish out the plot a bit more, have a look at some of my practice sketches. A few look ended up looking like malformed dinosaurs, but that’s why I’m practicing.

I hope to keep you regularly updated with my process through this venture.