Back from the dead

Suicide Sam

A little piece I did as part of an art trade with Meteor’s N Milk based on his comic “Suicide Sam” ( >>you should definitely check out Marc’s stuff, it’s great<< )

Sorry for the lack of content over the past week and a bit, I’ve been working on a small cathartic mini comic that is chewing up way more time than it’s worth. Really looking forward to uni going back; I need to direct my stress at something constructive and not over the small things in my everyday life!

8 Legs, 1000 Eggs! Inktober Catch up Day 8!

8 Legs 1000 Eggs

8 Legs 1000 Eggs

What a crazy day and crazier world we live in.

True fact, I struggled a lot looking at spider references for this picture. Originally I was going to draw huntsman spiders, but just couldn’t handle a full page of image search results!