May the Gods Ever Be in your Favour! (Game Review)

As made clear from one of my previous posts (which you can read here), I am a glut for ridiculously challenging games. With the Steam Summer Sale occurring a couple of weeks ago, even though it’s currently the middle of winter here, I decided to cross one particular game off my “must play” list:

Gods Will Be Watching.

Available for: Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, GNU/Linux, Mac OS

Gods Will Be Watching

Time to start the pain.

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3 Games that Will Make You Rage Quit, but then Play Again

COVER A lot of games work on the “risk/reward” system; that is, acting quickly and instinctively can result in a higher score. At times, these sorts of games are infuriatingly difficult and quickly result in rage quitting. However, when the risk/reward mechanic is played out just right, addictive game play ensues. Here are the top three games that have driven me to the brink of insanity, but I just can’t stop playing: Continue reading