Fresh New Look!


Happy New Year!

I had been stuck with the same header image for the past year and a bit and I could no longer stand the roughness of it! The old sketch even predated my scanner, so I had taken a photo of it on my crumby phone camera to upload; the horror!

Here is the original black and white version (and because I know a large percentage of you reading will be seeing this through the WordPress “reader” and not the actual site, here is a handy link to check out the >>colour version<< )

While I was in the mood for updating the site, I have also added in a “contact me” page where you can find my email and links to other socials (twitter, instagram, tumblr, etc). So if you are more active using those services rather than reading here, feel free to follow/keep up/stalk me there!

5 thoughts on “Fresh New Look!

    • Thanks so much! It’s weird, at the time I don’t feel like my style has changed too much, but then I flip through old sketch books and I realise it’s definitely shifted into new and different directions. Been working on any projects recently or taking a bit of a break?

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      • Yeah I feel the same way, I love looking through old sketchbooks- like, really old ones- to see how much has changed.
        I took about a month long break from writing and art, but I’m finally back at it and ready to finish my first draft and get drawing again. 🙂

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