A face any mad scientist could love! Inktober Day 4!

Little Frankenstein's Monster

Little Frankenstein’s Monster

Looks like a manageable trend is follow main prompt every second day and quick doodles on the days between! Today is a little Frankenstein’s monster. In the novel, he really was just misunderstood, then cinema portrayed him as something evil; such a travesty!

(Also cracked out something other than just black and white for the first time in quite a while. Introducing gray; a revolutionary new addition!)

10 thoughts on “A face any mad scientist could love! Inktober Day 4!

      • It is funny because I have infected my kids with that particular neuroses – any time they hear someone refer to the monster as Frankenstein they grit their teeth and seethe. I was formerly a High School English teacher and Frankenstein was one of my favourite texts to teach. It is so rich. Until we emigrated and I had to severely cull my book collection, I actually owned five copies of the novel.


  1. right? the book reads like an examination of what happens when one’s creator abandons his offspring. and the movies make him into a monster. (one of my favorite novels) i like the use of gray.


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