16 thoughts on “Carnival (not so) Creeps: Inktober Day 2!

  1. Dear Sam, thanks for liking my DJ and Syria cartoons, you seem very adept at the black and white style. This is my first Inktober, should be the perfect excuse for getting some of these sketches inked, I do need the practice. Hope you will have time besides your studies!
    see you around 🙂

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      • need to dig up some older stuff which was meant for black white and grey, think you may enjoy that, oh, no time today, sadly, not even sure I can get round to today’s prompt – collect. bees? cool, calm, collected? anything with collections sounds intricate and time consuming to do, best of luck for you, too!


      • PLUS: there’s another great site with character design competitions, I dare you combine Inktober with the theme of centaurs and enter both! 😀


      • PS: hoping for more traffic I just started a tumblr, maybe I would just need to optimize my wordpress – but not sure how…, anyways, go
        od to hear from you! cheerioh


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