Sketch Weekly #39: Ionate


Ionate – v. Add ions to

Ionate – v.
Add ions to

Think I’m finally finding my “style”. That said, I did have an art crisis the other day where I just looked back on all my stuff and thought “what a load of shit”.

The take away from it all?

Don’t compare yourself to others; it’s inevitable that someone will be better and you will feel at the bottom of the list of world wide artists. Just concentrate on continuously bettering yourself.

(what an airy-fairy statement, this is why I draw and not life coach)

3 thoughts on “Sketch Weekly #39: Ionate

  1. It’s so true. Sometimes I browse other people’s work for inspiration and instead of getting inspired I focus on all the things other people do so much better than me, and start to feel like I’ll never measure up. DeviantArt can be terrible for that. But you’re right, it’s important to just focus on improving your own work and not worry about other people 🙂


    • Haha, I totally know what you mean about DeviantArt, it’s a little to easy to become overwhelmed these days. I also find when I start to look more at the art of others whilst I’m drawing, it does start to affect my own personal style, so I tend to avoid that as much as I can!

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  2. I also think that it’s not very good to compare yourself too much with others. Sometimes you even can be jealous totally unnecessarily. For example, I was envious of people who are good in digital painting and create pictures which look like photographs. And then one day I thought about the fact that I don’t even want to make pictures like that. I’ve always liked more cartoon style.
    So, I agree that you must focus in your work and try to better yourself. 🙂


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