Sketch Weekly #26: Skeleton



Even though I’m down in Brisbane for a holiday, I made sure that I found time to get some sketching in! (This also explains why the image quality is a biy lower because I’m away from a proper scanner)

Supanova was amazing too, and I managed to meet all three guests I was wanting to! (click here to see last week’s post where I explained what Supanova is and my mission for it this year) I tried not to fan too hard, but I had limited success with this… I’ll post an update of my trip/adventure next week with all the fantastic people I met and art I managed to pick up during my time away.

4 thoughts on “Sketch Weekly #26: Skeleton

  1. Cool Sketch! It’s awesome to see what will come for each Sketch weekly.
    By the way, what pens do you use? They seem like they’re pretty good quality, and I’ve been looking for a set to pick up myself.


    • Thanks for that, it’s a fun thing to put out every week so I’m glad others look forward to it too! I use various weights of microns in my sketches. They can be a little pricey, but they’re fairly good and not too scratchy.

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