Getting under your skin: Inktober Day 11!


Drawlloween/Inktober day 11

Did you know ravens and crows are amongst the smartest creatures in the animal kingdom, ranking up there with chimps and dolphins? Did you also know that they have been found rolling down snowy hills purely because they think it’s fun?

13 thoughts on “Getting under your skin: Inktober Day 11!

      • If you’re in the UK, have you seen Chris Packham’s documentary ‘Inside the animal mind’ on corvids – well worth a watch if you haven’t seen it, and it might be on iPlayer; if you’re outside the UK, there’s definitely a clip on YouTube. My son thinks I should be a crow trainer: I have no appropriate qualifications, but might be persuaded if a spangly outfit could be part of the spec. 😉

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      • Haven’t seen the documentary, but I’m a doco junkie so it’ll definitely go on my “to watch” list! I’m still blown away by their mimicking ability, so hopefully I’ll pick up a whole bunch more general knowledge facts from watching it.

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    • Thanks for that Brian, I’m pretty pleased with how the heavier inking in this one turned out too. It’s always the risk when blacking in large sections that you won’t like it as much as the original line art!


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