Devil is in the detail, Inktober Day 2!

I told myself, “Sam, you have too much study to do, you can’t take part in Inktober”

And then I did it anyway, I aint part of no system! (+5 rebellious points)

If this is your first time hearing of Inktober, you’re not alone! I had never heard of the event until this year, but I’m so glad I finally did discover it.

Inktober is an annual event held in October. Running since 2009, the main purpose of this month long challenge is to encourage artists to improve their inking skills. Take part daily, every second day or even once a week; it doesn’t matter, every bit of practice helps.

As it is the month of Halloween (even though I’m from Australia and don’t celebrate it – please don’t kill me) I’m following along with the Drawlloween prompts. Feel free to play along with this list if you get stuck for any ideas, I’d definitely love to see all the different interpretations.

You can find the full list >>here<<

As it is the 2nd here, the theme was “Devil”:


Drawlloween/Inktober day 2

7 thoughts on “Devil is in the detail, Inktober Day 2!

  1. Do you use a quill pen? I loved mine, but lost it. I’ve been trying to learn hatching as well. Felt tip pens I have are too thick for fine lines. If you are using technical pens, I’m interested in hearing about your experiences too.


    • I’d love to get a quill pen, possibly even water brush pen one day, but at the moment I primarily use technical pens. I really like the control they give, but find the 0.1 and 0.05mm ones can be a little inconsistent when it comes to laying down ink quickly


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